South Fork Farm

Featuring Market Lamb and Wool Products

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Merino Sheep

We sell pasture raised, mostly "grass-fed" white and natural colored Merino Sheep. We supplement with hay and a little grain during the winter months, and for pregnant and nursing ewes.

Wool Products

Merino Wool is exceptionally warm and soft; and used for sweaters, scarfs and socks. Commercial products like "Smart Wool" use Merino yarn for their garments and outdoor gear

Wool FAQs

Soft and exceptionally warm Merino wool has been used for hundreds of years and the wool of choice for hats, scarves, sweaters and socks.

More Products

Wool products like fleeces, roving, and yarn are available for sale. We also sell "raw" honey and farm fresh eggs.

Merino wool has been used by Antarctic explorers to stay warm and Bedouin desert tribesmen to stay cool. No other material offers this versatility at the extreme temperature ranges. Merino wools breath-ability sets it apart from other materials allowing clothes made from merino to be used in many activities under a variety of conditions at any time of the year.